Walking the Wrack Line On Tidal Shifts and What Remains Barbara Hurd



some quotes

…to see the difference between the lie of the perfectly preserved versus the venture of the salvaged and transformable. I’m more interested these days in what might be rescued from near destruction, from invisibility, from silence…

…and loss after all, is mostly a story about what happens next…

…now in my fifties, I maybe simply wishing to chart the evolution of curiousity…

from Neruda..faint signs are left, the least we can do is try to figure out how to look at what’s there…

from Mark Doty


jewellery, tides, language

things that shine

What is description, after all,

but encoded desire?

…Beauty, it seems to me, must have something to do with movement both inward and away..

…Beauty as Simone Weill suggests, requires us ‘to give up our imaginary position at the centre’ and puts us in the audience again, silent except for applause. But ugliness does the opposite: recanters us in the in the middle of our prejudices and tests our compassion as beauty never does…

All taken from Barbara Hurd’s book ‘Walking the Wrack Line’


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