Meeting Bill & Trudy Gower

January 12th

a few snippets of the conversation

‘If there was no drainage it would be sea’

Bill’s family has farmed on the Pevensey levels since 1948.

‘In the 60s the levels were drained and we grew corn. They are letting it go back now but they still use the pumps and pipes for environmental issues, especially birds, though the birds need the arable for more diversity of species. This ground here, in hindsight, is not suitable for cultivation. We are fighting water all the time. There is not a lot of soil, blue clay, bog oak, under that peat, it is a bog.’

‘There was a sluice keeper, he knew everything, they never put a shadow on him now the Water Management plans are being reviewed and everything has to be learnt again.’

Its hard to know who owns the Pevensey Levels, one field is a mystery  and one next to the weather station at Horse-eye  belongs to Wadhurst Church.

We don’t get so many burnt out cars down here now, they are too valuable for scrap. if they are abandoned, they have been used for crime.

‘There is nothing more satisfying than getting water to go where you want it to go. Beating the elements!’

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