Visit to Langney Priory & Anna Powell

Langney  – Long island

it was an island once

make do and mend, mend and make do

– two years ago I asked the spirits, do I want to live here?-

the house is a mixture of many ages, the fading facade a Victorian black & white

yet timbers inside are from ships, used there first, Elizabethan?

one slowly moves back in history

a black painted door is hand tooled

the original building was an admin building for the Lewes Priory, there were lots of sheep, the two priories were shut at the same time, and maybe the roof was built to hide the church underneath, though not sure if they ever stopped worshipping

a dark cupboard a confessional for the priest

as you look at the walls you see all sorts of different ages, a roof line there, herring bone tiley stuff there, studs, blocked windows, stones from the beach

another room the brewery, quite late to make beer in Sussex probably 14th,15th century, with its massive copper vat

-I feel I ‘ve lived here before, I feel it needs to serve people, I am very much at home here, the thickness of the walls brings a state of peace, I don’t hear noise, a time warp-

Was this a sacred site before the chapel was built?

The Catholic Chapel is complete , a plaque explains..after a lull of 411 years services were resumed on Christmas day 1953 and ‘Mantia Rawnsley’ singer – Miss Fenwick-Owen attended services in it for the rest of her life ( 1987) and services have continued here until a year ago.

Here is the Saxon doorway, and a vestry, one of the electricians that visits came as a young man with another electrician who claimed to see a monk in the corner, he never came back.

Now a regency room, with red from lead paint, then upstairs to the great hall possibly 15th, 16th century

William de Warren fiefdom from William the Conqueror was the Bill Gates of that era

There is a beehive built into the wall, when we are outside we can see it on the wall, and from every direction the house is from a different age

and the records show this was a priory in 1121

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