Artist’s walk january 18

a hare

furry with gold

fleeted away from us –

a group standing with shredded trees on the edge of full wet ditch

it was a first stop on our muddy wander

and my joy bloomed as the streak of lithe live animal

drew itself soundlessly across the way ahead

I was so surprised to see the hare with so many people there and down on the Levels when we had been informed that all the hares would be on the upland during the winter season. It was bigger than the other two we have seen, maybe with a winter coat, but a magical moment for me, during a wonderful artist-filled walk.

For our wet adventure many had come far, poet Judith Cair from West Sussex, artist Christine Kettanah in London via Lebanon, Olivia Sprinkel and fellow MAs in walking & writing, with Victoria Rance sculptor and Melly Still director all coming from London. Then closer to the castle artist Chris Drury and poet Kay Syrad, artist Kevin Costello, mother & daughter artists Victoria & Clemency Bathurst, with other mother and daughter Venetia & Eleanor, storytellers Sally Willow with Joe and Alexi Frances with Kevin, from HastingsĀ artists Kjell Torriset & Judith Allen, Nick Snelling, Roz Cran and Susan Marshall, from Eastbourne Ann Johnson and Brighton Luska and Jamie and Bee Biggs. Not to mention Raphael for station meeting!

We thank them all for being part of the adventure of Underwater Edge

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