Artists walk January 26

‘I grew up on the under road’

‘Ive moved on at the moment but I hope to go back there’

‘the levels have stayed the same since I was a child, the same though the seasons change and its different every day’

‘I’ve been clearing the ditches for 11 years.’

‘The pennywort gets everywhere however much we clear it, must get on duck’s feet and particles drop off.  Have tried spraying it but it gets right into the margins.’

‘I love working on my own. Some people have a feel for it, using the digger,have to be careful as there is not a lot of field.

‘I am crossing my fingers, the levels still need to be managed, I hope they will continue.’

‘Mick Phillips , the old sluice keeper knew everything about the levels he was left alone to do the job, so short staffed now, there is no one now, ideally need one one person.’

Talking to Richard Dann who we meet pulling out pennywort with a digger on the Pevensey Levels

On the walk Ben Cox, storyteller, Adrienne Hunter and Sophia Campeau-Ferman

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