Wetland Words February 8

fresh water, salt marsh, estuary, sea

birds, eggs ,marsh, salt and seaweed

sea storm sedimentation

braided rivers

go and stand there at high tide

go look over the edge

go to maps

sea rise,sinking land

peat, estuarine

flood zone

destroyed soil

falling into sea

havens, embankments

rain and high tide

iron stream, mill stream

sea water seep

in under wall

under land

salt water


grazing marsh,flood plain,wet ditch, sea

rip out

slumps, corners, niches

disturbance and destruction

nature’s need

100 lapwing memories

nature is only allowed in awkward places

so tiny places


graze, mow, keep all clear

open all, control, manage

how do we leave it?

how do we run it?

salt marsh


water forget-me-not

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