Frog-Faced Goddess in the Crypt

Sally-Shakti Willow

She’s nothin’ like they say she is, you know.  Green haired, green toothed, frog-eyed creature with the tail of a six-foot eel.  I mean, some people don’t even believe she’s a woman.  But I’ve seen her, so I know.

Ellet 01 (1)

I was recently invited to tell a story as part of WaterWeek 2015 at St Elisabeth’s church crypt in Eastbourne.  The story, Elynge Ellett, is one that I’ve been working with for a while now, inhabiting it and being inhabited by it in different ways, and it’s the first story I’ve successfully managed to cross over from writing into performance.

Ellet 03

It’s a story based on oral Sussex folklore, but is closely related to the story collected by the Brothers Grimm called The Nixie in the Millpond.  In this story, collected by Michael O’Leary in his book Sussex Folktales, Elynge Ellett is the ‘green toothed, green haired, frog eyed creature’ of…

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