eclipse last day at the castle

brown water

staggering with reflection

poison the water

tree ancients have watched many eclipses

seen and unseen

as this one will be

their younger reflections in the water look like broccoli blooms

their trunks older than imaginings

these are signs

softlyunreadable to me

a lone duck circles us, returns to the moat

I wait for the bird silence of eclipse

mythic history is happening, we are possibly blind to it

as we are to so much else

litter, waste, water

the castle drawbridge holds us as inhabitants for nearly the last time

so many creations have taken place here, turret, conference room, ante room, elizabethan room, film room

the wooden door opened

Bob came to look at the eclipse too

just an eeriness

strange still, coated with cloud

a day to leave a place

omened    planetary

in whatever way we take it

a lone daisy already alive has closed its petals

Sweet Chestnut Castanea Sativa circa 1700

two ravens leave the monster swirl tree

crow cacophony all rush to the hollow tree and cling together


old giant trees

a moat

an opening door on a drawbridge

water brown and wrinkled

cloud like syrup

unseen eclipse

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