November 15

we talk of Daesh the ‘hope’ less place for young men who take it as employment, the defiance needed to value culture, the one little thing I hold to is that creating ‘culture’ creating beauty, connection is still the way I can go- then stuck in mud are my short boots, feel water soak my thick socks I don’t mind to really feel the element puts me in it and along some willows and their pools, their lying down trunks. I am brought to a place of bird song, car continuance, ducks,wind through small leaves, sun going down and pulsing in our bodies is history even happening here in this slow sense of sink

scalloped edge of sticks tightly packed together

soft shallow pools that skim light from leaving sun

as it goes, water starts to mulch and disappear into monochrome

feel love for this low slung beauty


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