Underwater Edge

Charlotte Still & Clare Whistler

The project ‘Underwater Edge’ is an exploration of the historical shoreline around the Pevensey Levels incorporating walking the contours of the land which mark the old water level. We will investigate water sources, local history, archeology, geology, myth, story and meeting with local people and experts, collecting photographs, films, writing and specimens.

This follows on from Waterweek a project we held in Hailsham March 2014. A week of events around water from fifty contributors inspired by our research project ’Stream’, two years of  finding sources of the River Cuckmere.

From July 2014 we will be working on Underwater Edge as Scholars in Residence at the Bader International Study Centre Queens University based in Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex.

Our research projects includes a wide diversity of interaction with landscape and people.
Academic Hetta Howes at Queen Mary University of London will be working on the project and we hope to be working with the Environment Agency, East Sussex Wildlife Trust,  local historians, archeologists, farmers and many others concerned with the area.

We use water to research and understand environmental issues both locally and on a wider scale. We welcome students who are interested in the creative process as we are artists working in an integrative and collaborative research practice.

Local water is the resource to which we will return again and again.

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